The Origins of Chinese Medicine

The origins are attributed to 3 emperors dating back to over 3000 BC.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Fu Xi (before 3000 BC) is associated mainly with the Book of Changes. This is the primary literary source of yinyang theory.

"Change is the only constant, and change is the interplay of yin and Yang." Nong (2700BC) is credited with the invention of the plough and is thought to be the father of herbal medicine. He is reputed to have drawn the first acupuncture charts. Di (also known as the 'Yellow Emporer' 2697-2596BCE) within the book the 'Huang Di Nei Jing,' he questions physicians about medicine plus discussions regarding the theory and practice of Chinese medicine. He is also known as the creator of the planetarium, currency, musical notation and the first wheeled vehicle. Last but by no means least, most people will associate him with the life - size army of terracotta soldiers buried near Huang Di's tomb.

How does it work?

acupuncture chart showing meridian linesMany people have trouble grasping the concept of 'energy' or Qi. However, as technological advances have been made, the scientific understanding of energy is becoming clearer. From a medical point of view, if the brain is scanned with an MRI during the insertion of needles, activity in different areas of the brain can be observed and the level of endorphins increases.

You have probably heard the word 'Qi' or the expression 'meridian lines'. The meridian lines were mapped out by the early acupuncturists and physicians, which has subsequently led to the system that we use today. Acupuncturists believe that a blockage or imbalance within the meridians that run up and down the body causes illness, stress, disease or pain. We insert small sterile needles along these lines to unblock and restore the movement of Qi and so restore harmony and balance to the body.

So how does the energy become blocked?

Emotional upset, overwork, climactic factors (wind, cold, heat etc) poor diet can alter the harmony of the body and acupuncture can help to restore this balance. We take into account every part of your life – from physical to emotional, lifestyle and diet in order to understand the 'bigger picture' surrounding your condition. The treatment you receive is aimed not only at relieving symptoms but at treating the underlying disharmony and correcting it.


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The clinic is open for medical services including medical massage. As a member of the British Acupuncture Council and British Acupuncture Federation we are following their guidelines as well as Public Health England . Full details of what you can expect when you come to clinic can be found here.


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