Abdominal Sacral Massage

Abdominal Sacral Massage addresses many complaints associated with the reproductive and digestive tracts. Treatment is carried out on the abdomen, lower back / sacrum and around the coccyx. It is a deep yet gentle treatment that encourages the organs within the abdomen to become realigned.

The ligaments and muscles will also be strengthened and tension released. A sense of looseness and increased mobility will be experienced. The massage focuses on breaking down scar tissue that is often present, helping to loosen hardened debris in the intestines, thus encouraging a healthier bowel.

The treatment has a powerful effect on the hormones of the body and some people may experience an emotional release which is completely normal.

Problems that can be addressed with this massage include bloating, constipation, painful periods, pain during intercourse, bladder issues, such as cystitis, fertility problems, PMS and headaches.

I regularly use Abdominal Sacral Massage in conjunction with fertility Acupuncture.